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Ask Men’s Health

Fitness: fasted cardio and fixing your squat


Welcome to ‘Ask Men’s Health’, the all-new podcast brought to you by Men’s Health Australia. Each week we’ll be tacking reader questions on a range of subjects from fitness and mental health to recovery and nutrition. This week, host Christopher Riley, alongside Men’s Health editor Scott Henderson, look at questions related to fitness. The questions on today’s agenda are: ‘Should I be doing fasted cardio?’ and, ‘Should my knees pass over my toes when I squat?’

In the episode Chris and Scott look at the background and the science behind each question before giving a Men’s Health-approved recommendation for each one.

Below are links to academic studies referenced throughout the episode:

Should I be doing fasted cardio?


Should my knees pass over my toes when I squat?

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14636100/[Text Wrapping Break]

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Hope you enjoy the episode!