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Australian True Crime

I lost my teens to heroin and sex work - Part 2

If you haven't listened to the first part of this story, you might want to go back and listen before diving into this episode. It contains a lot of background you need to know about Vanessa's own story, but it's also a unique insight into how one human being's life can be completely derailed by the intervention of another, particularly during childhood. Vanessa's story provides a perfect case study of what's known as the victim-offender overlap; which is to say most offenders of crime have been victims of crime first.

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Host:Meshel Laurie. You can find her on Instagram 

Co-Host: Emily Webb. You can find her on Instagram here and listen to her podcast Killer Content here. 

Guest: Vanessa Valentine

Producer/Editor: Matthew Tankard

Executive Producer: Jacqueline Tonks

Recorded at a Hub Australia Media Studio. Find the workspace that's right for you at https://www.hubaustralia.com/

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