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What is Trauma Informed Care? | With Jerrod Brown, PhD #96

This week we welcome Dr. Jerrod Brown back to the podcast to talk with us about Trauma Informed Care. Jerrod has been featured on multiple episodes of the podcast. We have talked about a variety of topics including executive functioning, screen time use, social cognition, and theory of mind. Jerrod’s a professor, trainer, and private consultant with extensive experience working with individuals on the spectrum. As we all know, each person with autism is unique and might need additional support in some areas. Families and professional care teams alike should both consider historical traumas when caring for a child in order to help them reach their goals. Download the podcast to learn more!

Check out some of the awesome resources mentioned in this episode:

Creating Collective Healing and Resilience with Jerrod Brown - Episode 31 of the We Rise podcast


EP 69: An "ACES" Overview.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the Criminal Justice System with Dr. Jerrod Brown


Below is a link to an article I recently published:

Interview Considerations – Complex Trauma


Reach out to Jerrod Brown directly:


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