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Beyond the Illusion

Life Between Lives with Scott de Tamble

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
Welcome back! We kick off Season 7 by journeying into the fascinating Spirit Realm of our life between lives with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Scott de Tamble. Scott’s expertise in conducting spiritual regressions has guided countless individuals to understand their true purpose and gain insight and healing in their current life. Highlights: * How and when did Tianna & Scott meet?
 * A lifelong curiosity around magical stuff, history and what’s behind reality set the stage for his future work.
 * An intense, mystical experience with a girlfriend made him believe in the possibility
of past lives even more.
 * The book, “You Were Born Again to Be Together” by Dick Sutphen, impacted Scott.
 * The swirling, merging of souls.
 * What happens in the Spirit realm between lifetimes?
 * Through Life Between Lives (LBL) & Past Life Regression, we can explore: Why are we here? What was our plan? What is our purpose?
 * Scott shares the story of his very unusual initial LBL experience during training.
 * Words of wisdom from Scott’s own LBL: “Be wild.” * How many of his own past lives has he explored?
 * One of Scott’s most incredible past lives involved a cosmic battle in another world.
 * Is SciFi material actually coming from our deep soul memory of other lifetimes?
 * Do we reincarnate with people we know again and again?
 * Do we have to follow the plan our soul created?
 * How echoes of your past life crop up in your current life.
 * Scott & Tianna describe their upcoming Past Life Regression Certification Course - Who is this training for? In addition to learning and practicing the technique, what other benefits do you receive from taking this class?
 * The amazing experience of working with Spirit Guides. 
 Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble is a Spiritual Hypnotherapist in Southern California, specializing in Past Life Regression, Spirit Guides, and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For the past 22 years, he has dedicated himself to guiding thousands of clients to a deeper understanding of their eternal soul and their current life's mission. Learn more about Scott and his services at lightbetweenlives.com and prohypnosistraining.com. If you’re enjoying listening to Beyond the Illusion Podcast, please leave a rating on Apple or Google Podcasts. This helps other people to find us.
Beyond the Illusion
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