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Canadian True Crime

The Murder of Robert LeVoir

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

FORT McMURRAY | In 2002, the family of 25-year-old DJ Robert LeVoir reported him missing after they hadn't heard from him for two weeks. But the RCMP didn't seem to be doing much to help, in fact they didn't publicly announce Robert's disappearance for 8 months. 

Understandably frustrated by the lack of progress, his family had no way of knowing that an elaborate plan to discover what had happened to Robert was already being set in motion behind closed doors. 

Correction note: since releasing this episode, we've been advised that Robert LeVoir's surname isn't the French pronunciation; it's instead pronounced Le-Vor. We're not able to correct all the instances of this in the episode, but our sincere apologies to anyone affected by this error.

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Research and writing: Emily G Thompson of Morbidology Podcast

Additional research and writing, sound design: Kristi Lee

Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams

Production assistance: Jesse Hawke 

Theme songs by We Talk of Dreams

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Canadian True Crime
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