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Canadian True Crime

The Trial of Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard—Part 2

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

[ Part 2 of 5 ] CONTENT WARNING: Graphic details of violent sexual assault and allegations involving a minor.

After the allegations of Jacob Hoggard’s inappropriate behaviour with fans surfaced on social media, a survivor finds the courage to come forward and detail her own violent experience with the Hedley frontman.

And she isn’t alone for long.

More information:

Resources for Sexual Violence and Abuse:

Canadian True Crime donates monthly to help those facing injustice.

This month we have donated to Good Night Out Vancouver & Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre.

Release schedule

November 15, 22 and 29.

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Research: Eileen MacFarlane of Crimelapse Podcast

Additional research, writing, sound design: Kristi Lee

Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams

Production assistance: Jesse Hawke

Theme songs by We Talk of Dreams

Disclaimer voiced by the host of True

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Canadian True Crime
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