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Do You F*cking Mind?

253. Missed Opportunities: Becoming OK with the shots you didn't take

Do You F*cking Mind?
Do You F*cking Mind?

You can spend your whole life thinking about a bad decision that you mad . or the opportunity you didn’t take, or mistakes you made. In fact most people do! It can be crippling, so I want to take you through the ways you can live a life without regret, and reclaim contentment in your decisions.


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Some of the ways you can inherit a genetic trait from your parents, basically an explainer on Dominant Vs Recessive genes (and how they impact your genetic makeup).

How do I get over the heartbreak of someone who was perfect for me but the timing was wrong. AND they were a stunning traveller who made me realise that Aussie guys are just boring in comparison. HELP!



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Do You F*cking Mind?
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