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Everyone Hates Marketers | No-BS Marketing & Brand Strategy Podcast

How to Impress Every Time You Speak (5 Unusual Public Speaking Tips)

Even industry experts in any field struggle with public speaking; it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone, so don’t feel disheartened or embarrassed over it. But how do we turn that very fear and anxiety into confidence? Nausheen Chen, Public Speaking Coach at Speak as a Leader, is an absolute legend in the world of public speaking who turns anxiety into confidence within just eight weeks.

As luck would have it, she’s also my guest on today’s episode!

Topics Covered:

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:30) - Public speaking: a misunderstood term
  • (04:05) - Mastering the art and skill of public speaking
  • (06:35) - Mental health and public speaking
  • (10:53) - The first step towards mastering public speaking
  • (16:03) - The magic three
  • (20:10) - Approaching public speaking as a brand
  • (24:59) - The importance of using your voice
  • (30:02) - Non-native speakers: don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with
  • (31:36) - The easy one: body language
  • (34:49) - When do you interact with the audience?
  • (36:36) - Building a personal brand
  • (39:08) - Advice for newcomers


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Everyone Hates Marketers | No-BS Marketing & Brand Strategy Podcast
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