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Everyone Hates Marketers | No-BS Marketing & Brand Strategy Podcast

Smashing Norms: How To Craft Stand-The-F*ck-Out Brands in Old-School Industries

Imagine starting a business with just $250 in your account, no knowledge of the industry you want to get into, and then turning it into a multi-million dollar brand with marketing that will blow the competition out of the water.

After Hurricane Katrina, Simone Bruni lost everything – her job, her home. Now, she’s the Founder and President of her very own demolition company: Demo Diva. Through genius marketing, and having the confidence to step into a stereotypically male-dominated world, she took the industry by storm and made something incredible out of nothing.

Topics Covered:

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:20) - How marketing tells a story
  • (03:26) - Starting anew after losing everything
  • (07:24) - The first six months of Demo Diva
  • (10:51) - What is a demolition business?
  • (14:58) - The biggest marketing lesson after 10 years
  • (17:02) - Starting a business with just $250
  • (22:01) - The branding of Demo Diva
  • (30:02) - The demolition competition
  • (32:38) - Tips to grow your business
  • (34:36) - Diversity is your strength, not your weakness
  • (38:05) - Where Demo Diva is now


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Everyone Hates Marketers | No-BS Marketing & Brand Strategy Podcast
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