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Fantasy Fangirls

BONUS: Xaden POV Chapters - Fourth Wing Special Edition

Fantasy Fangirls
Fantasy Fangirls
Two sisters, Nicole and Lexi explore the Bonus Xaden POV chapters of Rebecca Yarros's Fourth Wing Special Edition!
Lexi and Nicole begin with Battle Brief (summary of these chapters), then dawn their Signet Powers deep diving into critical insights, theories, and foreshadowing, and then finish off with taking flight with their favorite moments from these two bonus chapters!
Battle Brief: 00:01:23
Signet Power Deep Dive: :00:07:53
Favorite Moments: 00:55:05

Variety Article Mentioned: https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/iron-flame-spoilers-rebecca-yarros-fourth-wing-tv-series-interview-1235781877/amp/

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All episodes include spoilers for the entire Fourth Wing and Iron Flame books
Fantasy Fangirls
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