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127. Everything You Need to Know Before Entering College (Making Friends, Study Tips, Romanticizing School, and Leaving a Toxic Friend Group)

It is OFFICIALLY Back to School Season, and today Olivia brings you PART 2 of her 'BTS' series and talks to you about so many different topics for going back to school, and entering your first year of college.

This week, Olivia is bringing you guys a solo episode on Wednesday to talk about everything you need to know for entering college, and going back to school. As a rising senior, she has had many experiences in High School + College and is ready to share her best advice with all of you. Olivia talks to you guys about 1. Exam Anxiety + Study Tips 2. Romanticizing School 3. Leaving a Toxic Friend Group and Making new Friends 4. Seeing your EX on Campus and 5. Beginning College as an Introvert

We have all been there entering our first day of school and it's always helpful to know that you aren't alone in the way that you feel. Thank you so much to everyone who asked questions on Instagram and was a part of this episode. (I hope you're all enjoying my re branding!!!)

Make sure you guys tune in every Friday for a For You Friday solo episode and follow Olivia on Instagram @foryoufromeve to be a part of the next solo episode.

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