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For You From Eve

If a Flower Doesn’t Bloom… Do You Blame the Flower?

For You From Eve
For You From Eve
If a flower doesn't bloom, do you blame the flower? No, you would wonder if it’s getting enough sun, is it being given enough water, is it in the right area of the room…

So when we are trying to grow and are struggling to change, how come we blame ourselves rather than the environment we are in?

In today’s episode, I sit and talk with you guys about Changing Your Environment, Building and Maintaining Habits, The 2 Day Rule, Practicing Self Control, and Holding Yourself Accountable.

Thank you so much to everyone that listens and supports my show!

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Intro and Outro Music : Prod by MatthewJ

This episode is sponsored by Apostrophe Skincare

Be Kind, Xoxo

For You From Eve
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