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Future of Film Podcast with Alex Stolz

55. Jack Attridge: Reimagining the Film-Game Genre


Jack Attridge is is Creative Director and co-founder of Flavourworks, the London-based digital entertainment studio. Originally trained in filmmaking, Jack pivoted into the gaming industry, working at leading studios like EA, Rebellion, Mind Candy, and 22cans. In 2015 he co-founded Flavourworks to realise a new form of interactive storytelling. This resulted in the acclaimed game-film hybrid (or as Jack prefers, 'filmed game') ERICA which fuses live action storytelling with interactivity via an innovative new control system developed by Flavourworks called Touch Video. In this conversation we explore the new medium that Jack and Flavourworks are pioneering at this intersection of film and games. Jack does an amazing job in deconstructing these two forms and sharing his vision for this new kind of story experience they are driving forward, that combines the aesthetics and sensibilities of filmmaking with new levels of intimate, tactile interactivity. More at www.futureoffilm.live About Jack Attridge Jack Attridge is Creative Director and co-founder of Flavourworks, an innovative content and technology studio based in London that develops and produces filmed games. Specialising in design, audio, and filmmaking, Jack’s career spans studios including EA, Rebellion, Mind Candy and 22cans. In 2015 he set-up Flavourworks alongside his co-founder Pavle Mihajlovic to realise their vision of creating live-action cinematic narratives imbued with responsive gameplay features which are simple and intuitive, allowing them to be played by anyone, on any platform. Soon after forming, Flavourworks was funded by games industry legends Peter Molyneux OBE, and Ian Livingstone CBE, who also serves as Non-Executive Chairman. Flavourworks’s patent-pending Touch Video technology allows them to function simultaneously as both a game studio and film production company with the studio’s first game, “ERICA,”, now available on both PlayStation and iOS and coming to PC in May 2021.