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Fysioterapiaa liikkeellä - kasuaaleja keskusteluja

/14/ Self-adaptive organism - with Jozef Frucek


In the first ever English episode of the 'Fysioterapiaa liikkeellä' or as it translates in English, 'Physiotherapy with Movement' -podcast, we are talking about  movement variability, developing a self-adaptive organism, the role of isolation in physical practice, learning and much more. Your host is physiotherapist Marko Grönholm and joining in the conversation and sharing his thoughts and ideas is Jozef Frucek, co-founder of the Fighting Monkey Practice.

More information on Fighting Monkey practice can be found online at and on Instagram (@fightingmonkey_rootlessroot). Examples on combining FM with physiotherapy can be found for example on Marko's Instagram (@movement_physio).

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tekijältä Movement Physio