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Historical Blindness

Introducing: Even the Royals

Historical Blindness
Historical Blindness
Admit it: you’re obsessed with royal families – watching them, gossiping about
them, wanting to be them. It’s the stuff of fantasy. But for real life royals, the crown
jewels can be more like shiny handcuffs. There are expectations and rules – and if
you break them, the consequences are big, and very public. And there are royal
families and wild royal tales from around the world and throughout history that you
have never heard before.
Even the Royals is a new podcast from Wondery that takes you inside the cloistered
world of royal families, past and present, where wealth and status often come at
the expense of your freedom – and maybe even your life. In these stories, very
human emotions, like jealousy, love, disgust, have the power to reshape the world.
This is just a preview of Even the Royals. You can listen to the full episode wherever
you get your podcasts, or at Wondery.fm/royals_historicalblindness.
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Historical Blindness
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