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Historical Blindness

The Mushroom Kingdom: The Entheogen Theory of Religion

Historical Blindness
Historical Blindness
In this last full episode of the year before my holiday special, I tackle an alternative view of religion and history with some academic chops that also indulges in a great deal of conspiracy theory: the idea that all religion was actually inspired by the use of hallucinogens. 
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Some music on this episode is by Kai Engel, licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0), including "Cold War Echo," "Remedy for Melancholy," "Comatose," "Daylight PON II," "daemones," and "Oneiri."

Correction: The episode seems to imply that Ruck himself conducted research on cannabis's use as a sacrament, when in fact I only meant that Ruck had promoted the research, which was actually published in Chris Bennett and Neil McQueen's book Sex, Drugs, Violence... and the Bible. The blog post has been amended to clarify this.
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Historical Blindness
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