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Home Assistant Podcast

Automating Independence: Petter's Smart Home Journey with Home Assistant

Home Assistant Podcast
Home Assistant Podcast

Life was going great for Petter, until a tragic accident on his mountain bike changed his life forever. With the need of a wheelchair, Petter uses Home Assistant everyday in his home to make things we take for granted everyday easier.


00:00 Intro

00:45 Getting in to Home Automation

07:13 The day that changed Petters life

11:57 Getting serious about the smart home

21:22 Device naming conventions

25:43 Changing batteries

28:20 Changing blinds, motion sensor batteries

31:11 A calibration helper?

33:27 Automating temperature

34:57 Most Useful Automation

38:08 Link to automators podcast

39:32 The cat box

40:10 Lawn Mowing

47:34 Design Principals

53:45 Vacuums

54:59 Voice Assistants

59:25 If you could design from scratch today?

For complete show notes and more information about the topics discussed in this episode, be sure to check the notes at


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Home Assistant Podcast
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