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Jeffrey Epstein, The Prince and The Pervert Podcast

Ghislaine Maxwell’s No 2 Life of Luxury & Epstein Goddaughter Speaks

Sarah Kellen today flits between a New York penthouse, North Carolina and two Miami luxury apartments, a far cry from her past as a Jahovah’s Witness cast-out and Epstein boss.
Since leaving the employment of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the 41-year-old, who greeted countless girls at the door of his Palm Beach mansion, continues living a life of luxury.
Sarah Kellen, an unindicted Epstein co-conspirator, divides her time living in two Miami penthouses with her husband, a former NASCAR driver. More and pictures: https://jeffreyepsteinpodcast.com/sarah-kellen-sarah-kellan/?amp=1
Plus more on Ghislaine’s sentencing statement.
We have found video where Celina Dubin, Epstein’s goddaughter, talks about her mother Dr Eva Dubin, who testified at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. Video link: https://youtu.be/K5WBjeV3qXw
More about Eva Dubin and Epstein (link): https://jeffreyepsteinpodcast.com/epstein-accomplices__trashed/eva-dubin/
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Jeffrey Epstein, The Prince and The Pervert Podcast


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