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Steelheads – Episode 4: Break Point


When young British tennis pro, Joleen Kenzie (Jessica Barden), is diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, she has herself cryogenically frozen at an experimental lab in Seattle, in the hope that one day – perhaps hundreds of years into the future - there will be a cure and she can be revived.

She wakes up to a world divided...

Luther offers Joleen a chance of life, but in return she must agree to live in hiding and be companion to his grand-daughter, Kit. But Kit reveals that they are both in danger and must escape to find the resistance.

From the creators of The Cipher and Passenger List, a chilling new medical thriller inspired by true events starring Jessica Barden.

JOLEEN – Jessica Barden
REMI – Khalid Laith
KIT – Symera Jackson
LUTHER – Bruce Lester Johnson
IZZY – Lizzie Stables
LUCINDA/ESME – Annabelle Dowler
WAYNE – Daniel Ryan
PADMA – Jennifer Armour
EARL – Kerry Shale
OSCAR/JAMAR – Jason Forbes
RICHARD – Eric Meyers
ANDREI – Andrew Byron
SUMMER – Gianna Kiehl
DRE – Earl R Perkins
SUE – Laurel Lefkow
GREG – Christopher Ragland
STOLYA – Yanina Hope

Original theme composed by Pascal Wyse

Written and Created by Brett Neichin and John Scott Dryden
Script Editing by Mike Walker
Sound Design by Steve Bond
Sound Editor: Adam Woodhams
Assistant Producer: Eleanor Mein
Additional casting by Janet Foster
Trails by Jack Soper
Produced by Emma Hearn
Director and Executive Producer: John Scott Dryden

A Goldhawk production for BBC Radio 4