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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

How to Get Your Money's Worth


I would love to know how much money I spent on useless diets.

I spent money on...
-Books I either didn't read or ignored the shit they promoted.
-Gym memberships I let lapse after over-exercising and nearly pulling the toilet paper holder off the wall because my legs were so sore.
-Trainers who questioned me like a criminal for not losing weight as fast as they thought I "should."
-Programs that promised big results as long as I was able to give up every single thing I loved to eat along with my entire social life.
-Pills I took in my 20's that at age 47, I wonder what the fuck I was even thinking (I wasn't thinking - I was desperate).

In this podcast, I break down popular diets and dieting trends.

I teach you what most of these trends are missing (and once you understand this you'll stop wasting money on the wrong programs).

I'll also share THREE things you need to know to get your money's worth out of the next program you pick.

Don't waste another dime on weightloss until you listen to Episode 249: How to Get Your Money's Worth.

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