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He Sends 2.5 BILLION Emails Per Month | Nathan Barry

Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit, shares his journey from software designer to content creator to software founder. With ConvertKit now sending 2.5 billion emails per month and generating $40 million in revenue, Nathan discusses the power of building an audience and leveraging it to create long-term enterprise value. He also delves into his passion for flying and the parallels between flying and entrepreneurship. Nathan emphasizes the importance of having goals outside of work and optimizing for the journey rather than just the destination.

Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/vuwfio0Uw4Y

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  • (00:00) Nathan Barry introduces himself and his journey from software designer to software founder
  • (02:57) Nathan Barry discusses his passion for flying and the process of getting a pilot's license
  • (06:43) Nathan Barry expresses his goal of using flying for both personal and work-related purposes
  • (08:14) Nathan Barry discusses the limitations and considerations of owning a larger plane
  • (09:49) Eric asks Nathan about the payment structure for the pilot.
  • (12:30) Nathan talks about his podcast and the journey of building an audience.
  • (14:02) Nathan shares the story of Mark Sisson and the value of redirecting audience attention to a product.
  • (15:08) Nathan explains the power of an audience in promoting and selling products.
  • (16:03) Nathan discusses the success of Mark Sisson's Primal Kitchen and the value of an audience.
  • (18:19) Nathan talks about the three rules for building an audience and creating enterprise value.
  • (19:46) Nathan shares his experience building ConvertKit and its long-term enterprise value.
  • (20:05) Nathan Barry and Eric Siu discuss the potential of agencies as successful businesses.
  • (21:25) Nathan Barry shares his perspective on monetization options for creators.

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Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips
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