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Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

Best of Money Clinic: Help! What should I do with my mortgage?

Money Clinic with Claer Barrett
Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

The Bank of England has lifted its main interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 4.5 per cent, the 12th consecutive rise since December 2021. But if interest rates are going up, why are some mortgage lenders putting their rates down? Presenter Claer Barrett is joined in the studio by Chris Giles, the FT’s economics editor and Andrew Montlake, chief executive of Mortgage Broker Coreco. They explain how the uncertain outlook for base rates is affecting mortgages, the pros and cons of fixed rate and variable rate mortgages and what mortgage rates are available at the moment.

NB: This episode is a repeat of a Money Clinic that ran on March 28th this year, days after the last Bank of England rate rise.

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Money Clinic with Claer Barrett
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