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Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

Best of Money Clinic: Investment masterclass — the cheapest way to invest

Money Clinic with Claer Barrett
Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

Best of Money Clinic: Against the backdrop of market turbulence, investors Jonathan Hollow and Robin Powell explain why they believe investing in broad-based index funds is the cheapest way to increase long-term wealth. This investment masterclass breaks investing down into six simple steps, with tips for those just getting started and those further along their investment journey.

If you would like to be a future guest on Money Clinic, email the team via money@ft.com or send Claer a DM on social media - she’s @Claerb on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. How to Fund the Life You Want: What everyone needs to know about savings, pensions and investments by Robin Powell and Jonathan Hollow is out now.

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Money Clinic with Claer Barrett
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