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31: We Have Wasted This Much Money On The Wedding ££££


Some people are made to be Prime Minister, others are chosen. Sophie Habboo is likely both. Find out what her number one policy will be. #habbooforPM

In this episode we’ve got some major wedding updates. Jamie and Soph speak with their wedding planner, we reveal exactly HOW MUCH their waisted day one is going to cost them, plus, it’s trouble in paradise as their holiday away turns sour. Let’s just say, there’s a bin by the loo. 

We’re joined this week by Jamie’s Best Women and longest friend Georgie Le Roux, who came on the pod on episode three. She’s now married and gives us her top tips! 

Listeners messages are golden as per. Out of it, we learn about an alarmingly strange story involving Jamie’s mum’s vibrator. Thanks to Harrison for inspiring us to start “Propose The Pod”, a chance for YOU to come in to the studio to watch a LIVE show. 

“Reverse Mr & Mrs” is over. RIP. But out the ashes rises the phoenix in a form of “Would You Rather”. Please send us your theme tune music suggestions. 

Happy listening x

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