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Off Air... with Jane and Fi

The worst men in the world favour a golf caddy (with Candace Bushnell)

Off Air... with Jane and Fi
Off Air... with Jane and Fi

In this episode, Jane and Fi decide they should be off doing their PhDs, considering their excellent grasp of detail. But before we get there, we go through the latest on films, birth memories, and parenting qualms.

They're also joined by the “real-life Carrie Bradshaw”, Candace Bushnell: journalist, author, and creator of Sex and the City.

If you want to contact the show to ask a question and get involved in the conversation then please email us: janeandfi@times.radio

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Assistant Producer: Megan McElroy

Times Radio Producer: Rosie Cutler

Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Off Air... with Jane and Fi
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