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What does orgasmic self-care mean to you?

The new year is upon us. For most, that means a bunch of new year's resolutions we'll likely forget about in a month. One thing you should never forget about is your self-care practice - new year or not! But, what does self care look like for you and your body? Join Patty Alfonso, May Tom and AJ Pellegrino for a dynamic conversation on the importance of developing a self care routine that works for you! Check it out --> ENJOY YOUR FREE GIFTS! Patty Free gift: Where are you on your path to living orgasmically? Find out at: www.OrgasmicLivingQuiz.com. Stay tuned for more on how to create orgasmic relationships! Mays Free Gift: What nutrients is your body asking for? Grab 12 Nutrients Your Metabolism Loves at www.maytomrd.com Connect with May: Email: maytomrd@gmail.com Instagram: @maytomofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/may.wang.756412 Connect with AJ: Email: ajpell44@gmail.com
Orgasmic Living


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