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Biden’s big bill: Two GOP strategists on how to kill it

The biggest remaining obstacle for the Democrats to pass the Inflation
Reduction Act of 2022 is now Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth
MacDonough, who will continue to host Democratic and Republican aides
behind closed doors today (no press allowed) to scrub the reconciliation
bill for potential violations of the Byrd Rule.

MacDonough broke the hearts of progressives on several occasions last
year, including when she nixed the minimum wage from the Covid relief
bill, which was passed using reconciliation, and rejected three
different versions of immigration reform from the Democratic
reconciliation bill that was eventually scrapped in December.

Republican budget nerds reviewing the latest reconciliation bill still
believe they can knock out certain provisions. On Thursday, for the
latest episode of the Playbook Deep Dive podcast, we sat down with two
of the party’s leading experts on the process: Eric Ueland, who spent 25
years in the Senate, including as staff director of the Budget
Committee, and Greg D’Angelo, who spent nearly a decade on the

Ryan Lizza is a Playbook co-author for POLITICO.
Eric Ueland is a commissioner on the United States Commission on
International Religious Freedom.
Greg D'Angelo is a partner at the Nickles Group.
Afra Abdullah is associate producer for POLITICO audio.
Kara Tabor is producer for POLITICO audio.
Brook Hayes is senior editor for POLITICO audio.
Adam Allington is senior producer for POLITICO audio.
Jenny Ament is executive producer for POLITICO audio.
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