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Kara Swisher knows when to fold ‘em

Kara Swisher has hosted the annual Code Conference for the last twenty
years. Recently she announced that this was her final year organizing
and running the event, which concluded on Thursday in Los Angeles.

At the final big panel on Wednesday evening, Swisher ended things where
she started: with a conversation about Steve Jobs.

She gathered the famous Apple designer Jonny Ive and the widow of Steve
Jobs — Laurene Powell Jobs — and the CEO of Apple — Tim Cook — who flew
to Los Angeles for Swisher hours after unveiling the new iPhone 14 at
Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. The event ended much more poignant
than one would expect at a conference about technology and politics.

Afterward, Playbook Co-Author Ryan Lizza met Swisher in a suite on the
8th floor of the Beverly Hilton at what was Code's last secret poker
party. They talked about the end of her running the Code Conference, her
long and winding career … and why she loves saying no.

Ryan Lizza is a Playbook co-author for POLITICO.
Ron Klain is the White House Chief of Staff.
Afra Abdullah is associate producer for POLITICO audio.
Kara Tabor is producer for POLITICO audio.
Brook Hayes is senior editor for POLITICO audio.
Adam Allington is senior producer for POLITICO audio.
Jenny Ament is executive producer for POLITICO audio.
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