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Sales & Marketing Talk Show

#87 Storytelling in sales with Mike Adams


In this Sales & Marketing Talk Show, we discuss storytelling in sales with Mike Adams. We will discuss the following topics:

-Why story-powered sales works? 

The seven stories:

-A personal connection story – about something that happened to you. It shows your character and credibility, and allows you to ask your buyer “what about you?” to hear their story

-Key staff stories – the story of important people in your company that your buyer must trust

-Company foundation story – how your company came to exist and how it supports its customer

-Insight stories – The story of how your company discovered an important insight that your buyer should know about

-Success stories – The story of another buyer who succeeded with your offering.

-Values stories – How your people behave after you have signed the deal

-Negotiation stories – to get around deadlocked negotiations

-How to take all of this into action?

-Last guest, Richard Harris, question to Mike: How to get customer to share their story before telling your story?