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Sales & Marketing Talk Show

#89 Events in marketing: Case Demand with Mark Huber from Metadata.io


In this Sales & Marketing Talk Show, we discuss Mark Huber, Director of Growth at Metadata.io about their events as part of marketing. And for this episode, we have case examples from their event Demand. I will be asking these questions from Mark:

-When & why did you decide to organize this event?

-How did you decide which speakers to have & how did you contact them?

-“4,109 B2B marketers have signed up for DEMAND today.” → What tactics did you use to get this many registrations?

-Which were the best channels for you?

-How big a portion of people attended this event and how did you make sure that people who registered would really join?

-What kind of process do you have for selling to people that participated

-How to use the material you gathered at the event for your marketing in the months after the event?

-What were the biggest learnings that you will take away from this to next year’s Demand?