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Saturn Returns with Caggie

*Magic Moments* Self-Sabotage with Africa Brooke

Saturn Returns with Caggie
Saturn Returns with Caggie
In the lead up to the release of Caggie's first book Saturn Returns. This special mini series brings her favourite moments from the last three years back to the forefront:
"For today’s episode of Saturn Returns, I am revisiting one of my favourite episodes from one of my favourite humans, and that is Africa Brooke. Africa and I had never actually met each other beforehand and we instantly became friends and I can’t imagine my life without her. It was such an amazing moment because I have managed to meet and make some amazing friends through doing this podcast. This is a topic that a lot of you message me and ask about, how do you find your tribe. So I hope this episode, which quite literally records the beginning of our friendship helps you all."

Caggie is joined by mindset coach, motivational speaker and fellow avid tea drinker, Africa Brooke. They discuss how to work through self-sabotaging tendencies, dealing with addiction and moving toward sobriety, as they share their own personal experiences. Plus, how to make peace with the past version of yourself and reclaim your own personal sovereignty and sexuality.  
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Will I ever find my true calling? Why do I struggle with boundaries? How do I know If I am living authentically? Am I happy with the path my life is on?
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This course is designed to guide you through the key themes that often come up during our Saturn Return. It is a curation of concepts and supportive modalities, intertwined with my own personal experience. Find more information on what to expect from The Saturn Returns Course, here.
Saturn Returns with Caggie
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