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Saturn Returns with Caggie

The Body's Wisdom and Somatic Healing with Donna Lancaster

Saturn Returns with Caggie
Saturn Returns with Caggie
Author of The Bridge, Donna Lancaster, joins Caggie in this episode to explore how our physical body naturally heals our emotional pain.
Donna experienced an extreme panic attack which kick-started her to explore the world of mental and physical healing, leading her to create an in-person retreat called The Bridge. Donna went on to write her book, also titled The Bridge, that focuses on tools and mechanisms that we can all adopt to heal and become our most authentic self.
Donna and Caggie’s conversation touches upon how we can evolve from our anxious state through physical healing processes such as shaking therapy, how our vulnerability can truly set us free, Wounded Child archetypes and viewing grief through a lense of ‘release’ and ‘relief’.
You can buy Donna’s book The Bridge here.
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Saturn Returns with Caggie
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