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Severed Affair: The Gruesome Murder of Shad Thyrion

Introducing: Severed Affair

Wisconsin is no stranger to high-profile cases and horrific murderers, from the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer to the perplexing Ed Gein. But on a cold night in February 2022, a new name was added to the list of Wisconsin’s worst: Taylor Schabusiness. From the outset, the details of the case shocked even the most hardened detectives and traumatized young rookies. Using Law&Crime Network’s gavel-to-gavel coverage, Severed Affair provides an in-depth narrative of the disturbing case. The Law&Crime original podcast uses exclusive audio and court footage to piece together the gruesome story. You can listen to severed affair exclusively and ad free on Wondery+. Join Wondery+ in the Wondery app or on apple podcasts. 

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Severed Affair: The Gruesome Murder of Shad Thyrion
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