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167. Exploring Human Design and the Gene Keys with Kehla Guimond

That Projector Life
That Projector Life

This episode welcomes our first ever Generator to the show! Kehla Guimond is a 6/2 Sacral Generator who's here to help us change the way we interact with the Human Design System and the Gene Keys.

We have such a great and wide-ranging conversation in this show, and we flow between Human Design and the Gene Keys seamlessly. Kehla has some awesome suggestions on how to begin using the Gene Keys if you're brand new to them. And if you're more advanced (or just really want to hit the ground running), Kehla offers tons of different ways you can bring depth to your understanding of the Gene Keys system.

We also talk about the similarities and differences between the Gene Keys and the Human Design Systems. And Kehla again comes through with great suggestions to make the Gene Keys a little more actionable. (This system is really contemplative, and my 3rd line profile struggled with that.)

If you're looking to dive into the Gene Keys system and want some actionable support, check out Kehla's Gene Keys Business Guide. And if you're looking for other links mentioned in the show (including where you can connect with Kehla), check out the links below.

Connect With Kehla



Gene Keys Business Guide




Learn more about your unique Human Design by booking a reading here. Want to learn how you can work with your Projector energy to attract aligned invitations? Check out the Attract Epic Invitations online course here. For all the show notes, check out the link here: https://www.thatprojectorguide.com/tpl167/
That Projector Life
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