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A Lifetime of Experiences With ETs | Ep66

The Alien UFO Podcast
The Alien UFO Podcast
This week I am talking to Terry Lovelace about his book 'Devils Den: The Reckoning'.

From bestselling author Terry Lovelace, Esq, DEVILS DEN: THE RECKONING begins with candid memories from a lifetime of experiences with ETs. He recalls early childhood abductions and his interactions with a hybrid entity he called "Sue." THE RECKONING is all new facts, images and content never before shared with the public. It tells the true story of the sad decline and mysterious death of Tobias. It includes a chapter that had been excluded from "Incident at Devils Den ..." that tells the poignent story of Terry’s cousin Gerald who endured his own childhood ET visitations and an eventual tragic outcome. Also, the true tale of Terry and his friend Ernest, who at eight years of age "borrowed" dad's handgun in an illconceived plan to shoot dead the ETs that terrified him in his room at night. Plus, recent revelations from Betty are disclosed and the December 8th "disclosure" from a retired Israeli general and academic, Haim Eshed, is discussed.
THE RECKONING gives details and anectdotal evidence of an abduction from Terry's Dallas home on April 16, 2019 at 5:55 AM. Color photographs of UFOs taken near his home and satellite images of their 1977 campsite at Devild Den State Park in NW Arkansas are also included.
THE RECKONING shares 30 short narratives presented as numbered "Cases" #1 through #30. These are stories distilled from 1,400+ emails submitted by readers of INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN in the US, South Africa and Australia. Each narrative shares a unique and poignant telling of the reader's own encounter with the unknown. There are tales of screen memories and missing time, a stolen fetus, UFO sightings, mind control and alien abductions. Each story is told in the experiencer's words and vetted for veracity. Most are a compilation of many emails and telephone calls to establish the contributor's credibility. This is a collection of the best of the best from 1,400 stories shared by readers of "Incident at Devils Den ...."

Below is a brief synopsis of the introduction to Case #1, "The Christmas Store," shared by a widowed retiree who goes by "Olivia."
Dear Mr. Lovelace,
My late husband Paul and I had an experience in March of 1968. I've never shared this story with anyone other than my sister and Paul's parents. I was a housewife and Paul was a nephrologist (a kidney doctor) who worked in private practice. We had friends in Reno, Nevada and about every month we'd make the drive from Vegas to Reno to share a weekend with friends. We always stopped in a little town called Tonopah about half-way to Reno. We'd stretch a bit, get fuel and have dinner. It was called "The Stagecoach." I believe it's still there. On this night we were three hours later than usual because Paul had been tied up at the hospital. After dinner and fuel we got back on the road about 9:00 PM and headed for Reno. About 10 miles out of town we were surprised to see a new store. It was a Christmas store. I had never before seen a store solely devoted to the holiday. The store appeared to be open as there was brilliant white light pouring out of the windows. The whole structure was draped in Christmas tree lights in assorted colors, some blinking and others not. I asked Paul to pull over. We were both mesmerized. He pulled onto the shoulder directly in front of the store. It sat back from the road a ways and the lights were incredible. It was odd. There was no parking lot! It was just sand and sagebrush. We saw no other cars, but someone was inside because we could see motion and movement through the windows. Paul noted there was no driveway for an entrance. I remarked, "Who would build a store without an egress or a parking lot?" We sat on the shoulder of the highway in front of the store for some minutes until Paul said, "This is a waste of time," and he pulled back onto the road. Because my husband worked so many hour we usual spent time during the drive to just chat and catch up on things. But not this night. This night was very different....

Terry Lovelace is a six year veteran of the USAF where he served as a medic and EMT from 1973 to 1979. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri. He completed a law degree from Western Michigan and passed the Michigan State Bar Examination. He was also admitted to the bar in Vermont and the US Territory of American Samoa. His legal career began in private practice until his appointment as an assistant attorney general for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa, he also served as State’s Attorney for Vermont Board of Medical Practice until his 2012 retirement.
He and a friend were abducted from Devils Den State Park in NW Arkansas in June 1977 while remote camping. They were both on active duty at the time. What followed were 40+ years of nightmares, phobias, and PTSD-like issues which continue to this day.
In 2012 a routine leg x-ray discovered two anomalous objects in his leg. The x-rays are on his website at terrylovelace.com. That event was his catalyst to write two books and speak publicly about his experiences.
For fear of losing his job and the respect of his peers in the legal community, he waited until 2018 to self-publish INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN, a #1 Bestseller on Amazon with 700+ Reviews at 4.8/5.0. His second book, DEVILS DEN: THE RECKONING was published the week of Christmas 2020. It was #1 in New Releases immediately and hit #1 Bestseller status on February 10th.
He was a guest lecturer with Leslie Kean, Author and NY Times contributor at Rice University in Houston, Texas in November 2019.

He's spoken at the UFO Congress in 2018, Contact in the Desert in 2019 and 2021, The Roswell UFO Festival 2019, UFO Con in Dallas in 2020, Alien Con in San Francisco in 2020, The Ascension Conference in Sedona in 2021, and the Ozark Digital Conference in 2021.
His story was featured on a television episode of the Travel Channel’s “MY HORROR STORY” which originally aired in November 2019, and “UFO ENCOUNTERS” aired in Canada in August 2021.
Terry is a graduate of THE WELLNESS INSTITUTE in Graham, Washington where he successfully completed their program in hypnotherapy. He is currently performing hypnotherapy for experiencers who are struggling with memories from an ET encounter. He has done numerous past life regressions with amazing results.
Since March 2018 he's been a radio/podcast guest 100+ times.



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