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The Alien UFO Podcast

The Alien UFO Podcast Ep17 Robert Farrell


This week I'm talking to Dr. Robert Farrell about his book 'The Science Behind Alien Encounters'.

The reader will have a brief history of UFO sightings and encounters. How is the religious community dealing with the prospect of extraterrestrial life more advanced technologically and perhaps, spiritually? Why are the governments of the world so desperately trying to hide the existence of ETs? Despite governments’ downplaying the ET question, there is continuing research to find evidence of ETs beyond Earth and even on Earth in the form of designs in crops. What is the ET connection to the world’s oldest civilization in Sumer as well as that in Egypt? Many researchers over the decades have concluded that UFOs propel themselves by using gravitational fields. How is it theoretically possible to create a gravitational field? How has it been done in laboratories and even through serendipity? With such advanced technology, why do UFOs crash? What are these extraterrestrial visitors up to? In 2016, two species of bodies dated to have died over one thousand years ago, were found near Nazca, Peru. Both species are bipedal and tridactyl. One has only a 25% match to human DNA! The other appears to be reptilian and has DNA that does not match any known living organism! Are these two species extraterrestrials?

Dr. Robert E. Farrell received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, his MBA from Western New England College and his Doctor of Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. He is now retired from Penn State University as Associate Professor Emeritus.

For most of his life, Dr. Farrell has been interested in ufology. Twenty years ago, he began doing serious research for his science fiction series of novels, Alien Log, Alien Log II: The New World Order, and Alien Log III: The Dulce Affair (Spring 2013). He believes good science fiction is based on good science. To that extent, Dr. Farrell is following the style of Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, and many others) and Arthur C. Clarke in his Odyssey series. Recently, he has completed a nonfiction book The Science Behind Alien Encounters. It is available as both an E-book print version. This book is based on his lecture series of the same name. Another nonfiction book in the works is a co-authored work explaining how the universe began WITHOUT a Big Bang.

Dr. Farrell has lectured many times at universities, science centers, MUFON meetings, book stores, clubs, and senior centers around the country, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including Coast-To-Coast AM with George Noory.