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The Alien UFO Podcast

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents | Ep72

The Alien UFO Podcast
The Alien UFO Podcast
This week I'm talking to Gary Heseltine about his book 'NON-HUMAN: The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents: 42 Years of Denial'.

Non-Human The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents: Forty-Two Years of Denial tells the hugely complicated story of what is now considered to be the second most famous UFO case in history after Roswell in 1947. Gary Heseltine is a former police detective and UFO investigator and researcher. He has used his skills to re-investigate the case literally from day one after the events had taken place. With over five years of research, he has examined virtually everything ever published about the case, and in the process has discovered a wealth of material. Much of which has not featured widely in the public domain, and he lays out the 'true context' around it for you, the public to read.

In addition, he has collected explosive new witness testimony from many of the military personnel who were involved in the various incidents that took place, both in the forest, and on the bases in the last days of December 1980. He has also obtained amazing new military testimony from a previously unknown witness that is presented in the book for the very first time. Non-Human also delves deep into the murky 'politics' world of the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and presents information that suggests that the narrative of the case may have been 'controlled' by a small number of people for over a quarter of a century. The author also makes the argument, that both the military and governments of the UK and the US, have downplayed the true significance of the case since it became known. Non-Human lays out the best evidence for the public to see collectively for the very first time. Let the evidence fall where it falls.

Gary Heseltine is the founder and editor of UFO Truth Magazine and is based in the UK. Born in 1960, he spent 6 years in the Royal Air Force Police (1983-89) before joining the British Transport Police in 1989. He went on to complete an almost 24 year career before retiring early in 2013 to follow his passion for researching UFOs.

For most of his police service he served as a Detective Constable, working on all manner of enquiries including murder, manslaughter and rape. He became an Advanced police interviewer of witnesses and suspects, and in that specialist role he was involved in the 2005, London Bombings terrorist enquiry, where he interviewed a number of first responding BTP officers, to three of the four crime scenes.

In 2010 he was awarded the PRG Disclosure Award in Washington D.C. for his work with police officers, and in 2012 he was presented with the EXO Politics Great Britain award for his research.
He then appeared at the prestigious 2013 Citizen Hearings, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. USA, speaking on behalf of police officers worldwide.

As one of nine researchers he gave testimony before the Brazilian Senate in June 2022, where he stated that he believed some UFO/UAP events were likely to be extraterrestrial or non-human in origin. Gary is also the Vice President of ICER (International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research), an international NGO comprising scientists, academics and leading UAP researchers with national representatives in 30 countries.

Amazon https://rb.gy/8oz1w

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