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The Alien UFO Podcast

UFO Encounters & Interdimensional Abductions | Ep59

The Alien UFO Podcast
The Alien UFO Podcast
This week I'm talking to Sev Tok about her book 'You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens'.

Sev Tok is a Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach, Ufologist, and Experiencer Advocate.
Millions of humans are having ET contact and don't even know it. Are you one of them?
When Sev moves to a small town in North Carolina from Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, she has no idea the ETs are waiting for her. Sev has a secret and the Greys make sure she can't hide it any longer.
The Greys burn her body with a laser-precision red X. Twice. This catapults Sev onto a journey of exploration to reveal the truth about herself and about the universe.
Sev describes supernatural events and ET contact she had in Crofton, MD, Baltimore, MD, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Arapahoe, NC, and Roswell, NM.
The ETs tell Sev about:
Earth's fate
ET/human hybrid program
Galactic missionaries and hybrids on Earth
Inter-dimensional abductions through time warps
Inter-galactic efforts to create peace on Earth
Sev's cosmic mission
Sev shares all of this with you and includes photographs and drawings.

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she emigrated to the US as a little girl, not knowing English as she started first grade, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University.
Sev moved to the Inner Banks of North Carolina in 2017 and had a life-altering experience the second night she arrived. She came face-to-face with Greys who burned two red X marks into her back. Sev’s ET Contact started at age 10, but she kept it hidden until she moved to the Inner Banks. She “came out” in 2018 as a Speaker at AlienCon and through her book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens, endorsed by renowned UFO Researcher, Kathleen Marden. She is currently working on her next book.
Sev is featured in the Canadian TV docuseries, Encounter: UFO - Physical Contact. She has been interviewed around the world, and speaks at international conferences. She was the Master of Ceremonies at MUFON’s International Symposium 2022 and is MUFON’s (Mutual UFO Network) Assistant State Director for North Carolina, a Field Investigator, and on the Executive Committee of the Experiencer Resource Team. North Carolina is usually in the Top 10 most UFO sightings in the country.
As an Experiencer Advocate, Sev helps Experiencers around the world. She also offers personal and private guidance to Experiencers through Tell Me Your ET Story on her website, planetsev.com, her monthly newsletter, and her YouTube channel Alien Spirit.
A planet and star system is named after her in the STAR WARS Galactic System! You can find the Sev Tok Star System and Planet in Wookieepedia. You may have heard her planet mentioned in the newest episode of Star Wars: Andor!
Sev lives on the Inner Banks of North Carolina, in the small, quaint, town of Oriental, which is the sailing capital of North Carolina.




The Alien UFO Podcast
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