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The Corona Diaries

Chapter 120: More like dysfunctional brothers really.

It’s an episode ending with a zero this week, so the sharp ones amongst you could be forgiven for expecting some form of special guest. And as we aim to please, you will be pleased to know that you are right.

Enter stage left Steve Rothery, and as it goes it’s a lovely natter and an insight into band life. He gives his take on the ultimate h set list, helps with some outstanding housekeeping issues and ruminates on how to survive in a band for as long as we have.

Of course both the change in location for me, and the addition of a new space with Steve means there are a few unavoidable audio accompaniments. I hope you enjoy the chimes. Looks like Rothers has a weakness for 'em as well as me. (Unless it’s the sound of our minds thinking…)



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The Corona Diaries


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