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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Gary Brecka- "The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease"

The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Introducing you to Gary Brecka, what an incredible man!

His experience as a mortality expert (predicting when someone will die TO THE MONTH!) has given him expert knowledge on how people can achieve peak performance in their own bodies.

There are so many wow moments in this conversation, you’re going to love it.

Enjoy! Davinia x


Gary’s experience as a mortality expert.

The importance of managing oxygen in the body.

What is methylation and why is it so important?

How deficiencies lead to some of the most common ailments. 

Are we wrongly supplementing?

How to test your methylation.

How the MTHFR gene mutation can lead to symptoms of ADD and anxiety.

The signs of having the COMT gene (hint, you can’t quieten your mind)

The importance of raising serotonin for depression. 

Methylated supplements.

Implications of low testosterone.

The future of health.

Gary’s hard rules when flying.

The importance of breathwork (and how to do it)

The importance of mastering your current emotional state.

The power of a cold shower.

The danger of dopamine deficiency.

What does Gary eat in a day?

What foods are energy thieves?

The danger of seed oils in our diet.

The importance of keeping a low Glycemic Index 

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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
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