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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Pippa Campbell- “Stop. And start taking notice of yourself and your symptoms”

The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health

Pippa Campbell is a functional practitioner helping women from teens to post menopause find and treat the root causes of their hormone, weight and gut issues.

Her book 'Eat right, Lose weight' is a must read, helping you discover your metabolic type whilst teaching you how to eat right, for how your body is built.

If you’re ready to reset, rebalance and reboot your life, then this conversation is made for you.

Enjoy! Davinia x


What is body conditioning?

What causes cravings?

The problem with fad diets.

What are the symptoms that precede weight gain?

What causes inflammation?

What are bliss point foods and what do they do to us?

The 7 body types that have metabolic problems; 

Digestion Type- acid reflux, the importance of chewing food, IBS is a non-medical term.

Insulin Type- Insulin resistance, addressing the use of semaglutide to lose weight, how genetics affect insulin response, importance of protein. 

Serotonin Type- low serotonin resulting in low melatonin (struggle to sleep), comfort eaters (usually carbs), the importance of tryptophan

Cortisol Type- stress causing body fat around the waist, importance of magnesium and protein, saying no to reducing stress, the use of ashwagandha, making nuts more digestible.

Detox Type- the importance of your liver, toxins in our daily life including sun creams and makeup, symptoms of a liver that doesn't detoxify well, the best foods for detoxification. 

Estrogen Type- symptoms of estrogen dominance, symptoms of perimenopause.

Thyroid Type- symptoms of underactive thyroid, the important test to take (not given on the NHS), the importance of avoiding fluoride (in toothpaste!)

This is the none fluoride toothpaste!

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The Davinia Taylor Podcast- Hack Your Health
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