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Amberly Lago: How To Survive Unthinkable Pain

Even living with the "suicide disease," which causes unpredictable bouts of severe pain that make everyday living unbearable, couldn’t stop my incredible and awe-inspiring guest today…
This week, we're diving into a story of unimaginable challenge and extraordinary resilience with Amberly Lago. Her life as a professional dancer and athlete was brutally interrupted by a catastrophic accident, an event that reshaped her destiny and tested her spirit in ways most can hardly imagine.
In a moment, everything changed for Amberly when an SUV collided with her, leaving her grappling with a potential leg amputation and the relentless agony of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, commonly nicknamed the "suicide disease," due to unpredictable bouts of severe pain that make everyday living unbearable. Through 34 surgeries and endless days of pain, what seemed like an insurmountable ordeal became the foundation of her remarkable journey of healing and rebirth.
Amberly, now a bestselling author and influential podcast host, is here to share not just her story, but also the invaluable lessons she learned along the way – insights that have the power to transform your life too.
In this heartfelt and powerful episode, Amberly reveals:

The day-to-day reality of battling chronic pain and its impact on her life.

How her experience became her greatest teacher, reshaping her understanding of life.

Employing a positive mindset as a powerful tool for facing life's toughest challenges.

Finding healing and strength in gratitude.

Navigating the highs and lows of a long and complex healing journey.

Turning to service and faith as sources of resilience and recovery.

Confronting and overcoming personal battles with abuse and addiction.

Developing effective coping strategies for life’s unexpected turns.

Amberly also shares her PACER strategy – Perspective, Acceptance, Community, Endurance, and Rest – a holistic mindset that has been pivotal in her transformation.
Amberly's story is more than a tale of survival; it's a guide to turning your greatest adversities into your most profound strengths. Her courage, grit and grace offer a beacon of hope, showing us that even in our darkest moments, we can find light, purpose, and a path to a better, stronger self.
Join us in this moving episode as we explore how to transform personal tragedy into a journey of triumph and empowerment.
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