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How To Turn Failure Into Fuel w/ Sean Casey


The MENTAL GAME, with an all-time GREAT mindset Athlete!

It’s time to get into the mind of an ELITE Performer. Imagine going from not even starting on your Freshman High School team to a few years later, being considered the #1 athlete in the WORLD in your sport!

This week we’re going to spend an hour talking with one of the most talented hitters ever to play baseball.

However, this show is about MINDSET, not baseball.

SEAN CASEY is in the studio, and I couldn’t be happier to talk to the guy they call THE MAYOR.

Most people know Sean from his playing days as a first baseman in Major League Baseball during a career that spanned 12 SEASONS. He finished with more than 1,500 HITS, a .302 LIFETIME BATTING AVERAGE, and as a 3-TIME ALL-STAR.

You’re getting a master class on THE MENTAL TOUGHNESS it takes to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE on those big fields thousands of times over and over AND how you can apply what Sean knows to YOUR life.

You’ll recognize many of the things Sean talks about because I also believe they’re critical to SUCCESS in any game you play. That means applying STANDARDS, a POSITIVE MINDSET, GRATITUDE, and being INTENTIONAL at all times. There are NO SHORTCUTS.

Sean also has a great lesson you must hear about what happened when he started playing OFFENSE instead of DEFENSE when he wanted to set a goal of playing college ball. It’s GOLD GLOVE stuff.

Sean is also quick to point out that GREATNESS DOESN’T COME NATURALLY. Although it may look that way on the field, what you’re seeing is the result of DEDICATION, PASSION, CONSISTENCY, RESILIENCE, DEALING WITH PRESSURE, and THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.

We’ll wrap up with Sean explaining why you should build GAPS into your life and why GRATITUDE, ACCOUNTABILITY, PERSPECTIVE, AND SERVICE are critical to making you a better person and the world a better place.

You’ll enjoy listening to the MAYOR for great insights on how to take your LIFE GAME to the highest level!

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