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The Fat Feminist Witch

Episode 103 - Grim Grinning Grimoires

The Fat Feminist Witch
The Fat Feminist Witch

Happy Halloween my witchy friends!

In this year's halloween special I'm talking about real and fictional books bound in human skin, and the origins of grimoires and other historical spell books.

Megan Rosenbloom, the author of Dark Archives, is also a death-positive activist and one of the founders of the Order of the Good Death, which seeks to make death a little easier on those of us who will have to face it some day. They have a ton of resources and books on death around the world, in different cultures, and throughout history. https://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/ If you want to learn more about the anthropodermic books covered in Dark Archives visit https://anthropodermicbooks.org. Finally, I highly recommend reading Dark Archives, which you can get from Amazon.ca or Amazon.com!

Get Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen Davies from Amazon.ca or Amazon.com

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As always, the opening track is Back to the 90s by Douglas Mulvey!

The Fat Feminist Witch
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