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The Fat Feminist Witch

Episode 106 - COVEN with Laura Hokstad

The Fat Feminist Witch
The Fat Feminist Witch

Thank you so much everyone for joining me today on the Fat Feminist Witch Podcast. This week I have a really exciting DOUBLE FEATURE! I had a privilege to interview two of the stars of the new documentary about modern witches COVEN, which premiered last month on CBC.

In this episode I'm talking with Laura Hokstad, a tarot reader and witch who is searching for a way to connect with others, and herself, through witchcraft. She visits some local covens and priestesses, each who have their own ways of bringing other witches together, and then she leaves Canada to explore ancestors in her past who are part of some of the biggest events in the history of witch trials.

There is a transcription available for this episode, which you can download at the following link:

Laura Transcript

Find out more about COVEN by visiting covendoc.com

Find Laura at Storm Crow Manor's Tarot Thursdays to get a tarot card reading!

Storm Crow Manor

Watch Laura talk about the entertaining ways tarot cards are used in some of your favourite horror films with her series TERROR TAROT on Rue Morgue's YouTube Channel!

Terror Tarot

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As always, the opening track is Back to the 90s by Douglas Mulvey!

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