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The Game Football Podcast

Liverpool’s next manager, Maidstone’s current manager and the Rashford mystery

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Tom gets the tissues out to console Alyson and Tony before they discuss who will replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. Alonso is the favourite, but as Gregor points out he’s only had 18 months first team management experience.

As Klopp departs has the scrutiny of referees added to the increase in football disorder and referee attacks?

Alyson met George Elokobi and his mentor Mick McCarthy ahead of Maidstone's FA Cup win. It was such a good omen, they want to do it again before round six.

Finally what’s eating Marcus Rashford…? Is Joao Pedro worth 100million and is Vincent Kompany listening to Alyson…?



2’ three words to sum up Jurgen Klopp

4’ who is next to replace Klopp.

5’ Does Alonso have the experience?

6’ Alonso has earned his stripes, his father was a coach, he has turned down other big jobs.

7’ Other options…

10’ only 18 months experience.

14’ all coaching staff leaving too.

15’ Van Dyke also showing signs of coming to end..?

17’ He should stay, careful about too much change too quickly.


Disorder and football

21’ violence at the Hawthorns after Wolves scored their second and a referee chased at Port Vale.

22’ A sign of increasing disorder, or just the odd idiot?

24’ should we be grateful it isn’t as regular as it used to be.

26’ you can’t legislate for idiots

28’ VAR, there is more anger, we’re seeing this across Europe. It isn’t surprising that referee’s are getting targeted.


Maidstone and George Elokobi

31’ Mich McCarthy and George Elokobi love in.

34’ George Elokobi modelled much of his management on Mick McCarthy. Much of what he did as a player was on Mick’s recommendation.

36’ he’s built a team where they are all a little bit like a Mick McCarthy team

38’ all about effort, never give up, energy, spirit, give it all.



42’ There is something behind the scenes, we don’t know what yet. Ten Hagg, clearly not happy about something.

44’ If he has done things wrong he has to own it and then change it.

47’ Is he unhappy, distracted or uncomfortable?

48’ don’t rush to judge


Joao Pedro


49’ Is he going to be the next big signing to leave Brighton. De Zerbi thinks so.

51’ Hard to place the type of player he is. He is Brighton’s record signing.

52’ He is improving under De Zerbi.



53’ Alyson’s biggest fear at the start of the season has proved true – commitment to nice style of play. Is that changing ?

54’ are we finally seeing some pragmatism.


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The Game Football Podcast
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