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The Game Football Podcast

Ratcliffe's game plan, Reading's misery and unnerving pressbox encounters

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Matt Dickinson, Alyson Rudd and Gregor Robertson join Tom Clarke to discuss Sir Jim Ratcliffe's plan of action, why Reading fan's invaded the pitch and what spooked Alyson over the weekend. 

Matt Dickinson gives an in-depth insight into what Manchester United's new 25% owner should be prioritising once he's got his feet under the table. 

Now Kevin De Bruyne has returned (and immediately delivered), will City run away with the Premier League title? 

There were chaotic scenes at The Madejski Stadium at the weekend. Gregor gives his take on events. 

And what 'unnerving' event did Alyson experience in the Stamford Bridge Press box? 


Man United

2' Did we learn more about Tottenham or United from Sunday's draw at Old Trafford? 

4' How impressive have Spurs been this season? 

6' Does the club stop any personality from doing what Ange Postecoglou has done at Spurs, at United? 

10' What is Sir Jim Ratcliffe like as a person? 

13' Is there a sense of fandom for Ratcliffe? Or strictly business? 

15' Is 25% ownership enough for Ratcliffe? 

17' For the Glazers, Man United became a commercial operation with a football club attached

19' How much money will Man United be spending? 

20' Will Sir Dave Brailsford be involved in footballing decisions? 

22' Where are Man United currently at? Is a total reset needed? 

24' What will Sir Jim Ratcliffe's approach to managers be? Clinical, or romantic? 

26' What is the priority for Ten Hag after the takeover?

28' Will there be any transfer activity in January? 

Man City v Newcastle 

32' Five beautiful goals, but which was the best? 

36' Do defenders pay De Bruyne too much respect? And what position will he play?

42' Will City now run away with the league now De Bruyne is back?

43' Does Newcastle's downturn in form signal the end for Eddie Howe? England job for Howe?


46' What's the background to the protests we saw over the weekend? 

49' Do the panel condone the protests?

Chelsea v Fulham

53' A nonevent derby, with a poor atmosphere and poor performances?

55' What's Pochettino's mood like? Any fear about his position?

57' Alyson's 'Unnerving' encounter at Stamford Bridge

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The Game Football Podcast
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