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The Joe Budden Podcast

Episode 566 | "Jump Ball"

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the new Jeffery Dahmer show on Netflix (13:50) and how it represents America’s fetish for violence (29:10). Rihanna makes her Superbowl performance announcement (44:40). Joe discusses KRS One's comments about money in Hip Hop (1:01:20). Ish talks about a Hip Hop union (1:14:15). Pusha T drops another McDonald’s diss record (1:19:20). Tsu Surf joins the show to discuss Summer Madness (2:11:25), Artists and Label conflicts (2:37:40), and overnight superstars in Hip Hop (2:41:20) + MORE!

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Secily - “Without You”

Ice | Big Ooh - “Different Era” (Ft. Tdot Illdude)

Parks | Milano Constantine & Big Ghost Ltd - “Church Service”

Ish | RAY BLK - “Mine”

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