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The Complete History of Just Toys WWF Bend-Ems (Bonus)


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Here it is guys, the COMPLETE History of Just Toys WWF Bend-Ems, the BONUS episode. Happy Holidays Major Marks! Our gift to you this year is another big-time bonus episode. This year we do a deep dive on the complete line of WWF Bendems. We talk about each figure, what the series means to us, each rare peice we know about and of course, the FUTURE of the line!

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Join Matt Cardona (former WWE Superstar Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (former WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins) as they talk about one of their favorite hobbies...collecting wrestling toys! Each week these two wrestlers chat about the latest news, upcoming releases, toy history, vintage collecting and much more! As lifelong wrestling fans and wrestling memorabilia experts, these two have plenty to say about the world of wrestling collectables. They started the obsession as kids and continued it through adulthood, and now as wrestling superstars they now have their own figures and merchandise and an insiders look at the wrestling figure business. PLUS, with all their friends in wrestling, you never know who could make an appearance each episode! If you collect anything wrestling, this is the podcast for you! SCRATCH THAT ITCH!

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