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The Mindset Flex

3 Things You Need To Leave Behind

The Mindset Flex
The Mindset Flex

What if I told you that there are only 3 things you need to do this year to have your most successful year in business?

Well, here’s the good news:

There are only 3 things you need to leave behind. But it won’t be easy. Following this 3-step process might be the hardest challenge of your life.

But once you follow it, you’ll experience more freedom, wealth, and joy than ever before.

In this episode, I reveal the 3 things you need to leave behind to make 2022 your favorite year. Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why your closest friends and family members secretly want you to fail (0:33)
  • How to let go of toxic relationships without feeling like a jerk (2:05:
  • The lazy person’s secret for becoming more disciplined than Navy SEALs (2:43)
  • The counterintuitive way to double your productivity by cutting your to-do list in half (2:55)
  • Why making your bed every morning catapults your business growth (3:24)
  • The obvious, yet neglected fail proof way for skyrocketing your self-confidence (6:33)
  • The “Alteration of Reality” method for morphing your excuses into pure motivation (11:11)

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The Mindset Flex
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